Weigh it With Accuracy

Now that you have it cut and dried, weigh it with excellent accuracy! This My Weigh iBal 2500 Bowl Scale is the machine you need. This scale is equipped with My Weigh new Weighmeter to prevent overloading of the scale. Measures in 3 modes, has a count, tare and zero features and also even compensates [...]

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Digitally Tough!

Tough enough to accidentally brush it off  the table, but most likely not when throwing it at somebody! Its unique design features a fully padded outer rubber case. All of the internal components have been re-enforced and shock mounted. Resulting in a digital pocket scale stronger than any other in the world. Perfect for the individual [...]

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Turkey Bags Take Wing!

Feeling Green is the Thing

Turkey bags are already flying off the shelves! We also have Seal a Meal bags with vacuum packers too. No matter how you Snip it and Dry it, we have the right bagging choice for you. Chicken and Goose bags are available. We even have access to Ostrich bags! What’s next Pterodactyl bags?

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Little Green Men

We’ve brought in a handy headlamp that features green LED bulbs. Some smart guy out there found out that green lights won’t bother the growing cycle of your plants. So if you time to check on your crop is at night, this headlamp is perfect. Don’t wake up the babies.

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